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Building your business through Public Relations


Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Here’s how - with the complete package for all your communication needs. 

We will raise your profile through national, international and specialist broadcast and print media. From your detailed, complex information, we will create a story that everyone understands. Combining internal, stakeholder, digital communications and marketing, we will provide a bespoke strategy that meets your business needs. 


Crisis Communications

With extensive experience in managing communications in crisis situations, we can be trusted to deal with the difficult issues that directly impact your reputation. Having worked with policing, government and transport industries for more than two decades, we are equipped to advise on, or lead, communications for clients with existing contracts or on an ad-hoc basis. 

Our bespoke service will help you identify vulnerabilities and prepare for potential PR problems. For future use, we will develop crisis communications policies and guidance and put them to the test. By working with you to create desktop exercises, your policies and strategies will be put into practice in controlled, safe situations.


Building great reputations

Your reputation can make or break your business, that’s where our expertise comes in. With a bespoke communications strategy we can help build confidence in your product or services, allowing word of mouth to spread your messages organically whilst providing key opportunities for a solid base for growth.

Managing your reputation is not just about dealing with negative articles or social media posts, it’s about doing the groundwork beforehand. We'll build your brand so that it’s in the strongest position and able to cope with anything that comes your way. 

With our company supporting your business, you will be in a strong position to shout about what you do, sharing your key messages with your target audiences, with the peace of mind that, should a crisis occur, the best advice will be on hand to protect your reputation and stabilise your business. 


Social Media

Already have a social media policy that needs tweaking? Or maybe you don't even know where to start. Whatever your starting position we can help you to achieve your goals using social media. From setting up accounts, managing their day to day activity, designing social media campaigns, working with influencers on blogs and posts through to making decisions on how and when to respond to queries; we can support your objectives.  

Not sure how to respond to negative reviews online? Wondering which comments you should leave alone and which you should take time to respond to? We can help to advise and handle your social media responses directly or develop guidance to enable your people to understand when to leave the trolls alone and how to respond to genuine issues. 


Change communications

Having worked on high profile national policing and government projects, the company has extensive experience of producing communications plans for business change programmes. From delivering internal communications to teams based at multiple national locations to ensure that colleagues are on board with changes, through to the production of media responses carefully designed to explain the need for change; the team can manage and deliver business change communications, whatever the size of your project.


How we work with you

At the beginning of each project, we take the time to identify the needs of every client, focusing on the results required for a successful campaign. 

A strategy is developed and a timetable of delivery agreed.

With extensive mainstream and specialist media contacts across the UK, we are able to focus on the best media for our clients’ needs. 

Priding ourselves on providing a bespoke, friendly service, the company is available on a retainer basis or by providing ad hoc support for specific projects.



Through a network of experts across the communications world, we offer a full support package for your campaign, project or general, every day PR. Whether your focus is on broadcast or print media, social media, internal or stakeholder communications, or marketing solutions, we have colleagues specialising in all areas. We will help you achieve your goals in both the short and long term.

About Us

Knowledge & Experience


Sian, the founder and Director of Freestone-Walker Communications, is an experienced communications professional who has worked for more than 20 years across government, policing, transport, third sector and facilities management industries, as well as for creative agencies.

Throughout her career she has led on crisis communications during high profile policing incidents and has developed strategies for national and international events, including the Aintree Grand National, the Papal visit to the UK in 2010, the Football World Cup domestic policing campaign in 2010 and the International Liaison Unit for safety and security at the 2012 Olympic Games, providing a link between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK Policing and international security representatives. 

Skilled in strategic communications, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, media relations, writing, communications/ media training and digital communications, we are used to working flexibly for clients, offering advice and support when it is most needed. 

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We  believe that a business with a great public relations team can make a great impact in their world.  Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will help you share your messages. 

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